The Designer

First things first, Josephin has always been a creative spirit. As a kid, she spent hours and hours with embroidery, knitting, drawing or else some.

Combined with her own desire of owning a beautiful hat, her love for fashion and a strong sense of aesthetics, Josephin found the perfect symphony in the art of hat making. 

Driven by artistic expression, Lemalie is a process of turning everyday outfits into unique fashion statements, designing bespoke hats that express the personal style of the individuals who wear them.

Every hat is a new creative project, a playful journey that combines craftsmanship with ideas and inspiration - forming something luxuriously unique. 

Lemalie's hats are meticulously handcrafted, using high-quality materials. They often feature vintage embellishments, ranging from luxurious fabrics and leather to colourful beads and charms.

These elements come together to fashion something exceptional and bolt, while holding significant sentimental value.